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Is your website getting old and outdated? What was current last year is now becoming obsolete and you are having a difficult time keeping up with the ongoing task of making sure that the content on your website is as fresh as possible. This is a major obstacle faced by many companies and organizations. The answer to this in the past has been to either hire a fulltime staff of IT personnel who can keep your website up to date or hire the services of a web design company to make all the updates for you. Both solutions are costly and therefore only the top corporations have had the budget to actually implement such solutions, leaving smaller and mid-sized businesses behind.

Features of Advarion's Content Management System:

  • Briefcase Online File Storage for Web Content, Images, Video, and Audio Files

  • Navigation Manager

  • Articles and Blog Manager

  • Flash Photo Gallery Manager with Audio MP3

  • Email List Manager

  • Web Site Traffic Summary

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