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The Networked Inter-Scholastic Database (NetISD) is a new online educational service that helps increase student performance by encouraging greater parent and teacher involvement in the learning process through the use of Internet-based technology.

Work Together. Manage Time. Collaborate.

Today's successful professionals depend on basic computer technologies such as Internet access, word processors, email, electronic calendars, and other collaboration tools.

NetISD has the ability to provide every student, regardless of family income level, with these software advantages as they journey into the technologically dominated world.

Additionally, NetISD provides time-saving and informational tools to parents, teachers, and administrators to help create an optimal educational environment.

NetISD Software

NetISD is an entirely web-based program which can be accessed from any computer with Internet access and the latest Microsoft Explorer browser. No downloads or installations of software are necessary. All files are stored on our central servers.

NetISD is a cost-effective solution that does not require expensive, high-end computers to run.

NetISD is a modular system which allows for the addition, update, or removal of "software components" at any time. Each school has the option to use any one or all of the components of the system.

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  Online Grades
  Day Planner
  Word Processor
  Image Library
  Instant Messaging
  Online Grades
  Assignment Calendar
  Instant Messaging
  Document Review
  Project Planner
  Class Calendar
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  School Web Site
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