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Web Site Development

One of the first large-scale web sites created by Norman Nolasco and Jason Nolasco in 1995 was the Medical Education Information Center (MEdIC) web site at hosted in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas.

In time, Advarion Incorporated was founded and a true development process was refined. We balance our creative talents with a strategy for efficient, on-time project completion. First, we research target audience, features, benefits, branding and identity, risks, resources, security, and other parameters. Then we formalize these findings to build a set of objectives. Creative ideas are advanced only if they meet our specific goals. Thus, our work is both attractive and functional.

Design Scope
Define parameters and scope of the project, including specific objectives, budget, timeline, and deliverables.

Gather information regarding target audience, required features, branding and identity, available resources, and other parameters pertaining to the project. Develop a set of objectives and goals to measure project progress.

Use the objectives to develop viable concepts. Evaluate the merits of each concept and select three for compositing.

Design and Proofing
Develop each selected concept into composites for presentation. Proof each composite based on formalized objectives and goals. Select a specific composite for production of graphics and site code.

Production and Proofing
Use selected composite to produce graphics and site code. Proof the web site for content and minor graphics changes, finalizing per client input.

Final and Proofing
Ensure all changes have been made and all site features operate as intended. Only minor text changes should be made at this stage.

Site Launch and Transition
Web site should be officially launched with corresponding press releases in the appropriate publications. All printed and emailed material should include the web site address.

Maintenance and Updates
Web site maintenance and site updates can be performed in real-time by an authenticated administrator via an online web page editor without knowledge of HTML. This has been the site maintenance method for Saturn of Houston ( since 1998.

If preferred, Advarion personnel can perform these updates on a scheduled basis or, during emergencies, within 48 hours.

Evaluation and Statistics
Bandwidth is throttled (or controlled) via the firewalls. Bandwidth throttling is set to 2x the average bandwidth value or 1.5x the peak bandwidth values, whichever is less.

Bandwidth graphs are automatically generated every minute, every hour, every day, and every month. CPU utilization and hard disk usage graphs are also generated. Statistics are evaluated every month to determine the need for additional dedicated hardware.

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